A Register of Academic Painters, Icon-Painters and Wood-Carvers Who Worked in the Churches of Sofia (1878–1944)

Church art has an important role for the artistic life of the city of Sofia in period after Bulgaria’ Liberation until the mid-20th century. In the website “Visualizing the Sacred” we will present to you some of the leading academic painters, icon painters and wood-carvers during that period whose works are kept in the churches of Sofia.

Map of churches

This map will show you where the academic painters, icon painters and wood-carvers that are presented in the Artists section of this website worked.

Featured artists

In the Artists section you could learn more about the church art in Sofia in the period 1878–1944. We advise you to start here.

Vasil pop Radoykov


Ivan Mrkvička

Academic Painters

Haralampy Tachev

Academic Painters

Gospodin Zhelyazkov

Academic Painters

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